ebsite design for small- to medium-sized businesses is my speciality. I have been creating websites for more than 11 years. Dreamweaver, Javascript, Edge Animation, and Flash help me to create static websites. I use Business Catalyst to create interactive or database-driven dynamic websites. Dynamic websites take more time to produce and are always more expensive than static websites, but dynamic websites can do things beyond the capability of static websites and if you need those kinds of interactive or data-based capabilities, dynamic websites are what you want. However, leave extra time in your schedule for them.

As more people use mobile devices to surf, I am building more responsive websites (like this one). Responsive sites ensure that the site adjusts to all viewing screens, eliminating the need to scroll horizontally on the smaller screens. A single website can be designed to be viewed on all devices, but that can be somewhat limiting for the larger design because the design also must work on the phone. I prefer to create two websites, one for the phone and one for the tablet/desktop and use code to determine the viewing device and switch to the site for the phone. This allows me to create a site specifically designed for the smaller view screen. This site is a two-design creation.

My website designs are clean, elegant, fun, and dramatic. Sometimes all of those things together! I am always learning and experimenting with different techniques and widgets so that I can create a website of which you will be proud in a reasonable amount of time and for a reasonable cost. For a better idea of what I have created, please visit my web design site at Crow Hill Web Design. This site is a one-design creation.

Contact me today and we can discuss what I can create for you.

Two of my most prized possessions are my websites. I view them as perfect works of Art and that they are my creations; I did them. Wait. Actually, Sheryl had a little to do with them. Well, actually, Sheryl had a lot to do with them. Okay, when I met Sheryl, I had these vague ideas floating around in the deep space of my mind. Sheryl took those abstract concepts and formed them into beautiful websites. She would take my ideas and translate them seamlessly into cyberspace. She always gives 110 percent. She gave me two websites that are uniquely mine at a reasonable cost. I am grateful that I found her.

Gary Hall
Whirlwood Company