ooks are some of my favorite things. I like beginning and ending my days visiting with interesting people in fascinating places. I like learning new things and pondering new ideas. I get all that and more from books. Whether in digital format or in traditional print format, reading them and creating brings me satisfaction. I am experienced in book layout for fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, and science fiction. So, would you rather have your book designed and layed out by someone for whom it is just a job, or by someone who truly cares that your book looks great before it's published?

A Book of Fairy Tales

I layed out and illustrated a book of fairy tales by noted English author Dr. Silvia Hartmann. She combines great creativity with accessibility. Her fairy tale books for children and young adults never talk down to them or assume they can't handle difficult or complex issues. It's just one of the reasons why she is so popular. Click to view a page from her book The Golden Horse. To purchase the book, visit the DragonRising Pubishing site.

Also created for DragonRising: Tapping for Kids, The Love Clinic, Magic and Miracles Minus the Mayhem, Perfect Fit, InSerein, Finding the River, and Soul Pilots.

A Technical Book for the American Animal Hospital Association

Veterinary care helps pets lead longer and healthier lives. Unfortuantely, not all pets are receiving care that complies with the most up-to-date standards. This 2010 updated report helps veterinary doctors understand and meet compliance standards to provide the best care possible. Click to view two pages from the report.

Clients for technical books: American Animal Hospital Association, American Water Works Association (AWWA), Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME), and Glacier Publishing Services.


Donna Ashworth of Small Mountain Books writes history about Flagstaff, Arizona, and historical novels based in Flagstaff, Arizona. They are researched in detail and will fascinate anyone interested in the history of this town, its denizens, and in fire lookout history. Click to view a page from Against This Ground, a historical novel about Ella Woody in the 1890s and a fire lookout in the 1990s.

Other books created for Small Mountain Books: Biography of a Small Mountain, Arizona Tryptich, and Piece by Piece. To find out more or purchase any of these books, visit Small Mountain Books.

Craig McConnell, of Big Lake-Niman Books, writes novels of sophisticated romance and social commentary highlighting the emotional growth of his characters. These are good books for summer reading while lying in a hammock in the cool shade of tall trees. Click to view a page of From Dulce.

Other books created for Big Lake-Niman Books: Cafe Whyoming. To purchase either book, visit Big Lake-Niman Books and From Dulce.

Sheryl has prepared four of my books for publication, and I wouldn’t consider working with anyone else. She brings years of experience, knowledge of what’s possible, enthusiasm, and ideas that enhance the words with intelligent presentation. My printer says of her work, "She knows what she’s doing."

I've learned to respect the insight behind her suggestions and be grateful that she never tries to bully me into accepting them. Through this long collaboration, I’ve come to regard her as a trusted friend. Besides, she makes me laugh.

Donna Ashworth,
Small Mountain Books